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Pushing us underground allows us to expand and they can’t do s*** about it. Satudarah, meaning ‘one-blood’

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The president of Australia’s newest bikie gang says the squad continues to grow
Satudarah, ‘one-blood’, is an organised bikie gang set up in the Netherlands
President of Gold Coast chapter, ‘Salvatore’, said his ‘brotherhood’ is expanding
The president of Australia’s newest bikie gang has broken his cover to taunt police and claim his squad is rapidly growing.

Satudarah, meaning ‘one-blood’, is an organised outlaw motorcycle gang that was first set up in Moodrecht, Netherlands, in 1990 before spreading across the world.
The feared bikie gang has chapters all over Australia, and the president of the Gold Coast contingent claims the group continues to grow in numbers.

The president, who identified himself as ‘Salvatore’, spoke to the Gold Coast Bulletin to prove the gang has strength in numbers, amid reports the Western Australian chapter is in turmoil.

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‘There’s been an article posted over in WA saying that the club has been split into two and they’re going to war with each other. That’s completely bulls***,’ Salvatore said.
Salvatore’s claims Satudarah has experienced rapid growth come after Queensland authorities attempted to boot organised motorcycle gangs (OMCGs) from the state with tough laws.

But Salvatore says it makes them ‘laugh’ when the news reports OMCGs have been run out of town.

‘Maybe if they took off the laws where people couldn’t wear their colours and consort, they’d know exactly who’s who and where they are,’ he said.

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‘Pushing us underground allows us to expand and they can’t do s*** about it.
Salvatore explained that most new members join the gang to be part of a ‘brotherhood’ but also happen to dislike police at the same time.

Salvatore defended the ‘brotherhood’ by saying that not everyone in the group engages with criminal behaviour.

Salvatore admitted there are members locked up in Queensland prisons but those who offend are not necessarily a reflection of the gang.

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Unlike other outlaw motorcycle gangs, Satudarah’s membership is open to all races and nationalities.

Salvatore, who identifies as having Italian, Slovenian and Cook Island heritage, said his group is ‘unique’ as it welcomes anyone along for a ride, as long as they don’t use a postie bike.

He added that he’s a family man, who works full time, and happened to fall in love with motorbikes and belonging to a group.

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