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Enforcers biker club honchoes open Smokey’s Cigar Bar on Daytona’s Main Street

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DAYTONA BEACH — Rick “Rosco” Sessa likes a good cigar, and he’s fired up for the future of the new Smokey’s Cigar Bar on Main Street.

The tobacco started burning on Thursday when the cigar bar opened for business at 516 Main St., serving up beer, wine and piano music along with the smokes.

“When I go out I like to go to a place where I can smoke a good cigar,” Sessa said. “That’s something that takes some time and you want to sit there and enjoy it.”

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The business is owned by Sessa and his partner Rob Willis Jr., both ranking members of the Enforcer’s Motorcycle Club which has a chapter in Holly Hill.

On a recent day the men stood inside, pointing out the humidors, the ornate wooden side-bar imported from Colombia and the baby-grand piano fitted with a custom bar top, giving patrons a place to put their drinks as they listen to a piano player while smoking cigars.

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“As you can see we did it with a lot of class and elegance,” Willis said. “We are trying to complement the rest of the business here on Main Street and help the city rebuild Main Street and make it great for everybody.”

And don’t worry: The owners say Smokey’s won’t be too smoky. Sessa and Willis will have air purifiers and smoke eating ash trays gobbling up the fumes.

“I smoke cigars. I enjoy it but I don’t want to be in a room full of smoke,” Sessa said. “We have smokeless ash trays that actually suck the smoke out.”

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Patrons can light up at the cigar bar from 5 p.m. to midnight daily. But the partners plan to extend the hours to all day when the Main Street Barbershop which first opened in 1949, moves to its new location across the street.

Sessa hopes customers who go in for a cut at the oldest business on Main Street will then walk across the road to the newest business on Main Street for a drink or a smoke. And it doesn’t have to be beer since by then the cigar bar will be brewing coffee and espresso.

“I’m hoping we get a back and forth going,” he said.


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