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DA: Third member of biker gang charged in death of Warren County veteran. Investigators said Carter was at the Rebel’s Motorcycle Club

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McMINNVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Warren County District Attorney’s Office confirms a third man was charged in the death of a veteran.

John Cherry, 65, of Murfreesboro is charged with criminal homicide in the death of Tennessee National Guard vet Dennis Carter.

Investigators said Carter was at the Rebel’s Motorcycle Club on Pike Hill Road on Saturday, June 1 when 27-year-old Kate Prichard reportedly shot and killed him. Prichard is facing criminal homicide charges along with 53-year-old Timothy Baer.

In 2016, the retired sergeant discussed the profanity-laced resignation letter he wrote to the Tennessee National Guard, which he also shared on social media.

Carter went on camera to criticize leadership during a News4 I-Team investigation into problems with the guard.

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“I’m out, so I don’t have anything to lose,” Carter said in 2016.

Carter would do another interview with the News4 I-Team last year when his picture was used worldwide by a scam artist to catfish women.

The investigation is ongoing. Stay tuned to News4 for updates.

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