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Gangland figures claim fugitive ‘Deco’ Ferguson has had hair transplant and joined biker gang

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Gangland figures have claimed Derek “Deco” Ferguson has had a hair transplant – and joined a biker gang.

The 55-year-old is Scotland’s most notorious fugitive after being smuggled out of the ­country by organised crime associates.

He is wanted in connection with the death of bar man Tam Cameron. Police also want to question him about the death of Billy Bates.

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His family mourned the 12th anniversary of his shooting last week.

Underworld figures did not think Ferguson would be able to stay out of trouble.

Ferguson, of Glasgow’s Possil, was known to have a drug habit and a short temper, with one ex associate saying: “He causes havoc wherever he goes.

“He sticks out like a sore thumb.”

But sources say Ferguson changed his lifestyle and has kept his head down.

It has been claimed he has forged links to the Lyons crime gang and has has been in hiding in Marbella, Morocco and Ireland using a false identity.

A source said: “Deco is supposed to have changed his appearance by getting a hair transplant.

“It’s also meant to joined a gang of bikers. That’s what people have been saying.”

Police Scotland are now in a final push to catch Scotland’s most wanted abroad before Brexit.

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It is part of a renewed effort to bring suspects to justice by the October 31 leave date, as a leading detective warns international law enforcement will become harder.

“Deco” tops the list, with with Scotland’s biggest organised crime bosses James Gillespie, 46, and Barry Gillespie , 42, and three of their accomplices also on the wanted list.

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