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A gunshot rang out during a melee involving a “group of bikers” inside a South Peoria topless bar, police said.

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PEORIA — A gunshot rang out during a melee involving a “group of bikers” inside a South Peoria topless bar, police said.

Though witnesses did not believe anyone got hit with a bullet, at least one man and two women were struck with bottles during the fracas Sunday night at Dixie Rose Country Rock Cabaret, 104 South St., according to a Peoria police report.

That evening, as many as “40 to 50 bikers” were inside the nightspot, the report stated. According to witnesses, all of the bikers belonged to one of two motorcycle clubs that are reportedly affiliated.

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About 11 p.m., contention erupted around a “bald guy,” the report stated. Witnesses could offer little further information about the man, other than he stood 6 feet 3 inches tall, had tattoos on his arms and might go by the name Travis.

The trouble started when the bald biker announced, “We need to go to another bar” — an opinion that, for some reason, rankled a nearby pair of fellow patrons.

“Two other guys then grabbed a hold of the bald guy and began to drag him out of the bar,” the report stated. ” … A large fight then started by the front door.”

As the bikers grappled, a bottle shattered across the bald man’s head, the report stated. Meantime, two “females” also were struck with bottles, police. The report did not say if the women were at the business as patrons or entertainers, nor did it explain how or why they might have been attacked.

Then, at the height of the free-for-all, a shot rang out, police said.

Police believe the weapon was fired near the fight, the report stated. However, no witnesses saw a gun, let alone who pulled a trigger, the report stated.

At the crack of the bullet, brawl ended.

“The bikers then fled the area,” the report stated.

As the commotion subsided, Dixie Rose owner Jessica Miller found a shell casing, the report stated. She gave the casing — silver and .380 caliber — to police.

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Neither she nor any other witnesses believe anyone had been shot, police said. Miller declined to discuss the affray with the Journal Star.

Police had no further information

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