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President of Riders 4 Riders Lisa Ost said I’m a rider myself I love it It’s it just gives you a freedom feeling when you’re riding

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by: Dana Winter

THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) — After seeing several bad motorcycle accidents over the weekend, one local group hopes an upcoming event gets more drivers to look twice.

In a couple of weeks, American Legion Post 250 in Theodore will be full of all kinds of motorcycles for Riders 4 Riders’ annual Passport Party. Until then, and even after, you’ll see lots of bikes cruising across the Gulf Coast promoting safety.

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As bikers roll across the Gulf Coast getting their passports stamped at 35 locations, they hope you take an extra look. President of Riders 4 Riders, Lisa Ost said, “I’m a rider myself. I love it. It’s, it just gives you a freedom feeling when you’re riding.”

For Ost, promoting rider safety is personal. She said, “I’ve seen too many of my friends go down for senseless reasons.”

Beginning in April, Riders 4 Riders began selling passports with 35 stops stretching from Escambia County, Florida, to Hancock County, Mississippi.

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Ost said, “I just feel that I’m doing my part in the community to help something I love to give back because we need this. We need help out there. There’s nobody in the south that helps fallen riders but us.”

The passports wrap up on September 29, so Ost says drivers may see more bikes on roadways than normal. She hopes seeing more motorcyclists reminds drivers to be more conscious. She said, “It seems like every time the weather gets good, somebody goes down, or somebody gets hit. I mean, people like to ride when the weather’s good. Nobody wants to ride when it’s raining, but they do, but when they’re out there, people need to think twice, get off that cell phone, those things can wait.”

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The Passport Party hosted by Riders 4 Riders is at American Legion Post 250 on September 29th. CLICK HERE for more information.

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