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Zero Motorcycles has just announced its model year 2020 updates. This year we’re seeing a new model for the global market and updated lower pricing for some models.

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Zero Motorcycles has just announced its model year 2020 updates. This year we’re seeing a new model for the global market and updated lower pricing for some models.

Until today, Zero’s biggest news out of Santa Cruz, California, this year came in the form of the Zero SR/F electric streetfighter motorcycle. We covered the unveiling of that bike in February, and plan to get on one soon for a full review.

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Until then, we’ve got the latest news from Zero, including the 2020 model year updates.

Zero Motorcycles 2020 Black Forest DSR

The big news this year is the introduction of the 2020 Black Forest DSR model. The Black Forest DSR was previously available only in the EU, but is now being launched in the global market.

The Black Forest DSR is a special version of the DSR outfitted as an adventure bike.

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According to Zero:

Deriving from the undisputed champion of this category, the DSR 14.4 kWh, the DSR Black Forest Edition enters the US market as the pinnacle dual sport motorcycle in the Zero 2020 lineup. Arriving with a history of riding success overseas, Zero now brings this EU favorite to the U.S. equipped with three lockable cases for ample storage, accessory bars, hand guards, and a protective headlamp cover for added protection for the rider and bike. The DSR Black Forest Edition retails for $18,995 and is available with various Zero Motorcycles accessories and upgrades for riders to continue to push the boundaries of the dual sport category.

All Zero Motorcycle models to get latest app

Zero showed off its latest Cyper operating system for the SR/F electric motorcycle during the bike’s unveiling earlier this year. It included an updated phone app to provide better customization and connectivity options for the bike.

Now Zero is announcing that all of its 2020 models will feature the updated app, bringing an upgraded level of connectivity to all bikes in Zero’s lineup.

According to Zero:

Complementing the powerful Cypher operating systems, every 2020 Zero Motorcycle will possess an updated Next Gen App that provides effortless connection to a motorcycle’s custom ride modes, charging status, updates, and diagnostics.

Updated pricing on SR and DSR models

For those that don’t need quite as much “adventure” as the Black Forest DSR adventure bike offers, the standard DSR for 2020 is getting a price drop. Previously costing $16,495, the 2020 DSR is $1,000 lighter at $15,495.

The Zero SR 14.4, which is the street version of the DSR, also gets the same price drop, down to $15,495.

The lower power versions of each, the DS and the S, are priced at $10,995 for the 7.2 kWh version and $13,995 for the 14.4 kWh version.

New colors

Zero is also updating the color options and graphics on nearly every model in the lineup.

The street bikes including the Zero S and SR received updated blue- and red-accented black paint jobs, respectively.

The DS is being gifted the new Mojave color, while the DSR gets an updated gold and black treatment.

The FX will now be available with a Slate color option.

Electrek’s Take

I’ve always wondered why the Black Forest DSR was only available in Europe, and I’m glad to see that it’s now being expanded into other markets. It definitely looks like a great way to upgrade a DSR into a true adventure electric motorcycle.

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It’s also great to see a price drop on some models, especially now that Zero is competing with an increasing number of electric motorcycle companies, some of which are offering prices lower than Zero’s popular models.

As for the rest of the updates, I’m a bit surprised that we aren’t seeing much in the way of new hardware. Zero had been doing great at consistently bumping up battery capacity, but this year sees no new battery updates.

To be fair, most Zero models already offer great range. The Zero SR ZF14.4 already gets 179 miles (228 km) in the city and can be bumped up to 223 miles (359 km) with the addition of the PowerTank accessory.

But to be honest, battery tech hasn’t advanced much in the last couple of years, at least not outside of the laboratory. So consumers aren’t seeing too much in the way of trickle-down battery improvements. Even the new Renault Zoe, which I recently reviewed, only achieved its 25% battery capacity increase by creatively packing in more battery cells — not by breakthrough battery chemistry advancements.

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So while I would have loved to see bigger batteries or other hardware updates, I think Zero still has a very competitive lineup. And with the introduction of the SR/F halfway through last year’s model line, it’s hard to say they aren’t still innovating.

What do you think of Zero Motorcycle’s 2020 model line? Let us know in the comments below!


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