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The violent rampage between rival biker gangs the Finks and Hells Angels Biker ordered to serve two years over 2006 hotel brawl

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By 9News Staff
Notorious Gold Coast bikie Nick “The Knife” Forbes has been ordered to serve two years of his sentence for the 2006 “ballroom blitz”, 13 years after the infamous brawl.
The violent rampage between rival bikie gangs the Finks and Hells Angels broke out inside the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.
Afterwards, Forbes was sentenced for grievous bodily harm after throwing punches and using a chair as a weapon.
His sentence was suspended after 18 months on the condition he didn’t commit another offence.
But in 2011, Forbes attacked a rival with a stool in another gang fight in a bar in Adelaide and served the entirety of his sentence for that crime in South Australia.

Multiple shots were fired outside of the Outcast Motorcycle Clubhouse The motive for the shooting remains under investigation

Today, he was back in Queensland facing court to find out his punishment for breaching his sentence of the 2006 fight on the Gold Coast.
He was ordered to serve the remaining two years but was granted immediate parole.
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