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Adam Sandoval and Paris Harley Davidson set Guinness book of world record for most Harley Davidsons in a ride

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By MyParisTexas

It may have taken him four attempts but Adam Sandoval of Scootin’ America finally claimed the world record he has been longing to bring back to America.

On Oct. 5, the newest world record for the largest Harley Davidson motorcycle parade was set right here in Paris, Texas.

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Sandoval teamed up for a second time with Paris Harley Davidson as they put the call out to Harley riders all of the nation to ‘Bring it Home’ to America.

The official route the motorcycles had to travel was around 3-miles long and it all took place at Cox Field Airfield.

What was supposed to begin at 12:45 p.m. with kickstands up, as they say, was pushed out to around 1:30 p.m. due to the influx of riders that came out on the day.

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The team from Paris Harley Davidson worked from the early hours of the morning right through to the after-party celebrations at their business located on NE Loop 286.

“We made history together my friends!” said Sandoval, “thank you to every one of you who tackled the road to get here, all those who endured the heat and long lines to not only bring it home but also raise so much money for our veterans and first responders.”

The official count of bikes was 3,497, a little more than 1,000 over the previous record set by the Hellas Motorcycle Club in Greece of 2,404.

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“We all did this together, and I’m eternally grateful that you all continue to stand with me on this never-ending mission of riding, breaking records, and supporting our veterans & first Responders. This was my 4th attempt at getting enough riders together to break this world record and bring it home. In total, we have donated over 100k to charity across all four attempts, and now that record sits here in America,” said Sandoval of the breaking the latest world record. 

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