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A former executive member of the Niagara chapter of Hells Angels has been sentenced to three and a half years behind bars

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The Niagara Falls Review

A former executive member of the Niagara chapter of Hells Angels has been sentenced to three and a half years behind bars following a police investigation into threats in Port Colborne.

Kenneth Wagner appeared in Ontario Court of Justice in St. Catharines Thursday and pleaded guilty to several offences including uttering a threat to cause bodily harm and possession of a prohibited weapon.

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The 54-year-old had been in custody since his arrest in March. Based on the amount of time he had spent in pre-sentence custody — the equivalent of 11 months — he must now serve an additional 31 months in jail.

Defence lawyer V.J. Singh said his client resigned from the outlaw motorcycle club after he was sentenced to the equivalent of 11 years in prison in 2008 for cocaine trafficking.

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“He has not been a part of the organization since,” he told Judge Fergus O’Donnell.

When Niagara Regional Police executed a search warrant at his Port Colborne home on March 2, however, a Hells Angels patch and belt buckle that read AFFA — IT stands for Angels Forever, Forever Angels — was seized.

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Police also discovered a handgun, cocaine and prescription pain killers, digital scales, a debt list and more than $18,000 in cash.

Niagara police launched the investigation after receiving a report of a threat being made against a Port Colborne resident.

Wagner had been in a dispute with the man over an alleged debt the defendant believed was owed to him, said assistant Crown attorney Robert Mahler.

On March 1, court heard, a note was placed on the man’s vehicle at his workplace. The note was threatening in nature and the man contacted police.

Wagner was first arrested in 2006 when snared in a police operation involving 500 officers from 11 forces which police called Project Tandem.

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At that time, Wagner, a Welland used car dealer, had no prior convictions.

At his sentencing in 2008, a Toronto judge described him as the “quarterback” of a Hells Angels drug-dealing operation.

He was sentenced for directing three henchmen in delivering cocaine to a police agent who was a former Oshawa chapter member. At the time, it was believed to be the first sentence meted out in Ontario for directing others for the benefit of a criminal organization.

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