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According to police the wife of alleged Finks biker gang member caught using $2000 of counterfeit cash

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By Charlotte Karp

The glamorous wife of an alleged bikie has been accused of using $2,000 of counterfeit cash on shopping spree.

Kayla Tianne Attie, 22, was caught by police earlier this month allegedly spending the fake currency at stores in Westfield Eastgardens in Sydney’s south.

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According to police, the wife of alleged Finks bikie gang member Sarmad Mekhail allegedly spent $247 at women’s clothing store Supre and $500 at EB Games, The Daily Telegraph reported.

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The mother-of-one then allegedly dropped $300 at a hairdresser and $729.80 at Footlocker.

Police arrested the buxom blonde on October 3.

Police investigates South Shore attempted murder the victim is a 39-year-old man who has been reported in the past to have been the president of the Devils Ghosts, a support club of the Hells Angels.

The woman, usually seen on social media wearing designer brands for her 16 thousand followers, was charged with fraud, using counterfeit money, and three other offences.

Attie was released on bail and will appear at Liverpool Local Court on October 30.

The alleged theft comes after the woman posted a series of selfies to social media in expensive lingerie.

The tattooed pair got married earlier this year after the birth of their son, Elias.

In August, Attie posted a Happy Birthday note to Mekhail, eluding to a possible second child.

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‘Happy birthday to my best friend and partner in crime,’ she wrote.

‘Standing by your side and watching you become the person and daddy you are today has been so special.

‘I am so so blessed to have you as my partner and can’t wait to be on this crazy ride called life with you. Baby No.2?’

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