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Associate of the Hells Angels He was shot at his girlfriend’s house linked to organized crime

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MONTREAL – A man in his 50s who has been linked to organized crime was shot dead Thursday morning in Terrebonne, north of Montreal.

Terrebonne police found the man’s body in front of a home on General St. around 10:15. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at a local hospital.

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Various media reports have identified the victim as Gaetan Sevigny, 53, an associate of the Hells Angels in Quebec. He was shot at his girlfriend’s house.

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The Surete du Quebec confirmed his identity Thursday evening. Earlier, they would only say that the victim was a figure linked to organized crime. Sevigny, the owner of a towing company, was arrested four years ago when police raided a drug distribution ring run by the mafia and the Hells Angels.

He was sentenced this past June to more than five years in prison on gangsterism, conspiracy and drug trafficking charges, but served only two days of that sentence in prison due to time he had already served awaiting trial.

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The killing is being investigated by the SQ’s organized crime division.

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