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Hundreds of charges have been laid against members of the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Club including the organization’s Perth chief

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Hundreds of charges have been laid against WA members of the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Club, including the organisation’s Perth chief.

The blitz against the bikies is the result of an 18-month operation code-named: Ironfish.

WA Police raided a number of properties across the Rockingham area and parts of the northern suburbs.

A massive 85 search warrants in total were executed.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 207 charges have been laid against 43 people – at least 18 of them, allegedly fully patched Rebels.

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Cash, drugs and weapons were reportedly seized during the raids, including 22 unlicensed firearms.

WA chief of the Rebels, Nick Martin, is among those that have been charged by police.

He has been reportedly arrested on tax evasion charges.

Hit job on the Sons of Silence is what this reporting was. No direct proof or evidence supports the allegation of being involved in the murder

“Organised crime gangs are the perpetrators of misery in the West Australian community,” Police Minister Michelle Roberts said.

“They’re the ones dealing in the drugs, they’re the ones hooking young people and others onto methylamphetamine.”

Selling and supplying a number of illicit drugs, threats to kill, and aggravated assault are among the charges that have been laid against the bikies.

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