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The father of a man bashed to death outside his Adelaide home has sobbed as he told his son’s killer a Hells Angels associate “there is no forgiveness”

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Kathryn Bermingham

The father of a man bashed to death outside his Adelaide home has sobbed as he told his son’s killer, a Hells Angels associate, “there is no forgiveness”.

Mark Boyce, 36, suffered a fatal brain injury when he was beaten outside his home at Elizabeth South, in Adelaide’s north, in January 2017.

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Joshua Roy Grant, 27, was found guilty of his murder following a trial earlier this year, while two co-offenders are yet to be charged.

In the Supreme Court on Tuesday, the victim’s father, Malcolm Boyce, said he thinks constantly of his son.

Officials said the Hells Angels was one of the motorcycle clubs involved but in massive raid. The U.S. Department of Justice considers the Hells Angels an outlaw motorcycle gang.

“I feel angry and have no sympathy towards you, Josh,” he said in a statement read to the court.

“There is no forgiveness whatsoever.

“There is so much anger and I hope like hell nothing like this ever happens to a member of your family.”

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Protecting his friend

During the trial, the court heard Boyce’s friend was the intended target of the ambush.

Prosecutor Emily Telfer said on Tuesday there was no evidence Boyce did anything to provoke the attack, during which he was repeatedly kicked, punched and stomped on.

“It was … an attack on Boyce because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and made some comments about where (his friend) was or was not,” she said.

Boyce was left for dead on a footpath.

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His life support was turned off eight days later.

But defence counsel Marie Shaw said Grant’s offending was at the lower end of the scale.

She said he was a young man at the time and was remorseful for what happened to Boyce.

“He is someone who is committed to rehabilitation and has insight into the nature of the offending,” she said.

No genuine remorse

Boyce’s father said he did not accept Grant’s remorse was genuine.

“Only when there was a guilty verdict did you and your family show remorse, but, sadly, it was just for yourselves,” Malcolm Boyce said.

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In September detectives unearthed a burnt-out car believed to be the getaway vehicle used after Boyce’s death.

At the time, Detective Superintendent Des Bray said the discovery would help police close in on the two remaining suspects wanted over the murder.

“We believe we can take the investigation forward,” he said.

Justice Tim Stanley remanded Grant in custody ahead of sentencing later this month.

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