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Katy Perry’s latest hit single could be worth more than $40 million to Harley-Davidson mentions the motorcycle brand six times

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Theron Mohamed

Katy Perry’s latest hit single could be worth more than $40 million to Harley-Davidson, the New York Times reported this week.

The pop star’s “Harleys in Hawaii” mentions the motorcycle brand six times, and she rides a hog in the music video. The song has been streamed more than 850,000 times on Spotify and the music video has racked up over 13 million views on YouTube.

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The product placement is a coup for Harley-Davidson, given Perry has over 100 million Twitter followers and 80 million Instagram followers, and it cost the company next to nothing, the Times reported.

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“We worked with our local dealer on Kauai to get bikes for the music video, and that’s really all we provided,” a Harley-Davidson executive told the Times. The company also paid a nominal fee to share photos and clips from the music video across its social media channels, the newspaper said.

The publicity could be worth “upwards of $40 million” to Harley-Davidson before taking Spotify streams and social media posts tagged #HarleysinHawaii into account, Mae Karkowski — the founder and chief executive of Obviously, an influencer marketing agency — told the Times. Another marketing executive told the newspaper its value was “in the low seven figures,” while a third pegged it at “a million plus.”

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Harley-Davidson will appreciate the helping hand as it works to attract a younger, more female customer base. Its global motorcycle sales fell 4.9% to below 180,000 in the nine months to September 30, according to its latest earnings. The upshot was an 8% drop in its sales of motorcycles and related products to around $3.7 billion, driving the segment’s operating income down 30% to $336 million.


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