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Kinfolk Motorcycle Club, once a parody, now a legitimate force in the motorcycle club scene

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Mistakes are made, but how you learn from those mistakes, set you apart from the rest. Kinfolk MC started out with former members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. These former members were upset at the leadership, which eventually led many to leave the club. It was also some of these members who eventually started the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club. The Kinfolk Motorcycle Club is a bi-racial motorcycle club, color doesn’t matter to them, only brotherhood. Kinfolk MC had a pretty rough start, especially since they were born out of Texas and by ex-Bandits. The Kinfolk also had decisions to make, especially since they were a targeted club. They could either grow as fast as they could, or they would have to stand their ground with what they had. Tough place to be in, especially being an ex member of the Dominant who would be coming for you.

When the Kinfolk MC first started it seemed legit, unfortunately after some time, they steered off on the wrong path.

First, let me say Insane Throttle Biker News has covered the Kinfolk numerous times. The first time was good, the subsequent times not so good. One thing about Insane Throttle is our dedication to always being upfront and real. There is no sugar coating a story when it comes to the news. For one, it would damage the credibility of our news service. Secondly, it does a disservice to the biker community. Insane Throttle Biker News/Motorcycle Madhouse is committed to the biker community, anything which affects the biker scene, the Throttle will be the first to put the story out. This has been the case with the Kinfolk MC. When the Kinfolk MC first started it seemed legit, unfortunately after some time, they steered off on the wrong path. Kinfolk was handing out patches to people who didn’t prospect and worst, they had a National President who was an informant. Yeah, talk about a shit bag situation when you’re starting out.

Season 3 Episode 2 Motorcycle Club or Motorcycle Gangs? NCOC Statement on the subject

Here’s where lessons learned comes into play. The Kinfolk have been making a turn around, the club started to get rid of all the law enforcement in their ranks. Kinfolk also revamped their membership process, not to mention making alliances with some big name clubs. This is according to many people on the streets as well as the clubs they deal with. I believe all this change has to do with the new leadership at the head of the club. I will not mention who it is, what I can tell you is that he’s known to many in the club scene. I personally believe this person gave life back into the Kinfolk, something that was needed badly. Something else I truly believe and many people have heard me say this, “if you’re able to back your patch, who is anyone to tell you you’re not worthy?” Simple common sense question. Let’s not forget, the 1% clubs you see today, had to do the same thing back in the 60s and 70s. It’s no different for a club in modern times just starting out. If they stake their claim and back it up, they are good in a lot of people’s eyes.

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club have decreed that any clubs that did not choose to submit to their authority would need to disband close their clubhouses

Yeah, talk about a shit bag situation when you’re starting out.

Sure, if the Kinfolk is in the news you can bet we will report it, just like we do the rest. This editorial was just to keep everyone up on the status of the club. We do this with many clubs.This is what we strive to do, keep everyone informed in the biker community. One last thing, those who don’t understand the motorcycle scene, basically needs to put up or shut up. So many times you hear supporters of other clubs running their mouth about one club or another. It actually gets old, the clubs you’re supporting can’t stand it. I’ve actually heard this from multiple clubs and they wanted me to get it out. I figured this article would be the best place to do it. So with that, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel as well as Motorcycle Madhouse Radio. Tons of news and editorials on all our platforms.

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  1. Sooooo understanding “somewhat” how the club scene works.. is the article saying that after having a fat mexican fall out that alliances have new direction and possible new atmosphere in the lone star?? Of did i miss a few lines of this article ??where it said they had been in contact will other clubs.. i just wasnt sure of the point…… yes kinfolk are on the map??? In many places???.. hoping there is an article to follow..


  2. Been, in a few clubs, matter of fact got out all 2 gether,then a few yrs. Later, was approched by an x club Brother. He invited me for a visit, Here I am KINFOLK WILDMAN 1%ER. F.K.K.F. R.M.H.F. Buzzard Chapter ,Fl.


  3. Kinfolk are a joke you can’t start off with a bunch of informants and still have them in your girls scout meeting bunch of pole smokers


  4. Yeah….Ummmm….1% Diamonds have, traditionally been handed down from an existing 1% club, to another club that has EARNED the diamond in the eyes of the club that already had the Diamond. What have this club, born of SNITCHES and malcontents, EVER earned? Most of the members have quit, after doing one stupid thing after the other.They are laughing stocks. Nothing has been “earned in the above mentioned club sense day one.They have a seat at any other clubs table only because that other club is isolated and lonely themselves. “A enemy of my enemy is my friend”. They get no respect from any club that doesn’t need them. I saw them “popup” (and make no mistake,they ARE a popup club) and then blow numerous holes in their own feet, time and time again, until they finally have almost faded from view. How proud they must be! What tough men it takes to shoot people in the back…literally…The man who runs this site obviously has no real knowledge other than “the new leadership” has reached out to feed him bullshit, and he took a bite and swallowed.


  5. See that’s where you’re wrong. We didn’t take anything from them. We talked with numerous Big 1% clubs. That’s the problem with people commenting on clubs. THEY NEVER KNOW WHATS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES.


  6. See, that’s just one more thing You’re wrong about. I ALWAYS KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, and I KNOW whats going on “behind the scenes”…and not from some one who told me hearsay.


  7. At the end of the day they are here an it looks like there here to stay. Texas has no dominant anymore.. Texas is a free state now, everyone one is coming in, an they has a big part to play in that.. Say what you want but they still there…


  8. Hey hollywood hats off to you bro for just bringing the readers what you have to work with.. hard to please everyone. I have been checking other sites and its all mixed review depending on loyalty.. cant please them all or theyy would all be in one club..just sayin


  9. This article must be a bad joke and that carnival sideshow of a club is definitely a joke . They are still there like herpes just won’t go away . Pour water on one of them and just like the gremlins one shits out 20 more useless idiots . Maybe someday we will find a cure for these dipshits .And somewhere on mars. “ BEHIND THE SCENE” in there vivid imagination. They talked to imaginary clubs on the planet Mars . The space 1%ers said yes you are badass Do as you will you are so scary do what you want .There can’t be any way possible that they even believe their own stories what a joke


  10. I think the comments about informants is anlittle strong, how many with in the last year alone have made deals gone informant from the bandits themselves? All those jokers in the red and gold community should really stop and take alook in there own back yard.


  11. It’s funny to read ppl comments on here. Saying Kinfolk is a joke.. But the sad thing is that this so call joke of a club stood there ground in one of the hardest state AND once again are still there.. sounds like the ex dominate there is embarrassed that this “pop-up” club made them look bad.. And they lost control of a state they had for decades.. Which open the door for bigger 1% clubs to come in..


  12. There have always been other 1% clubs in Texas… Nothing new there…What “opened the door” was another 1% club that was willing to pick up trash, and open chapter after chapter made up of out bad former R&G members.I’m not in any club, not even a supporter of any, but there still is a very “dominate” club here…everywhere you look is Red and Gold..The club mentioned here, in the article, was started by a flat out snitch! one of the “former members” mention in a comment above, that is, was a rat. I just live and ride in Texas, so am more than willing to admit I do not know any inside stuff… but I will tell you that if you live here, there are many, many more bandidos than any other club…they still “dominate here”. Once a Parody, ALWAYS a Parody? Some may think so, some may think not, but the bandidos were flat out attacked by every law here, from local, to DPS, to federal, and they are still here, still worldwide…they deserve a nod in my opinion just for being able to persist through attacks on all sides.


  13. Fred Ritzenhiem,
    I am very curious as to your statement that traditionally 1% clubs have given diamonds to those worthy. Did the 81 give a diamond to the vagos, or Mongols? Was it the GGMC that gave the Bandidos their diamonds? Who gave the Pagans and the Sons of Silence their 1% diamonds? I would love to know the awnser to that question. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is how I believe it went down, the founders of those clubs held a meeting and said this is what we are doing, fuck anyone that says different. They did exactly that, and they earned those patches by standing thier ground. As far as the Kinfolk are concerned alot of those men in the beginning earned their diamonds, so what if they decided to to take what they earned and become something better than what they were. Who the hell are you to day they didn’t earn it.


  14. @John Doe- I can’t tell you where every one of the legendary clubs you mention got their Diamond – but those clubs members could tell you if they decided to discuss their business with sudo-reports, like all the johnny-come-lately clubs do . It’ll be part of their history. They’ll learn it when they prospect. Traditionally you had to be in a “1% Club” to be a “1%er”. If your club didn’t have a Diamond, neither did you – The Club earned the diamond, then members of that club could earn it- I know most, but you’ll have to search out the others by actually becoming a member of a traditional, real deal 1% Club. Here, For example, since you mentioned them and there is lots of talk here about the Bandidos: they got their 1% Diamond from the Pagans. The Sons of Silence were bestowed their Diamond by the Bandidos. And, the Galloping Goose, well…I’ve already given you a couple examples. Who am I to “day” they didn’t earn it? I’m the guy who actually knows how it worked until popup clubs started giving themselves their own Diamonds. You can call yourself anything you want, but just like deciding your are ” a Green Beret”, if you didn’t earn it, and get awarded it by others who are already “Green Berets” and actually KNOW what it is all about, you are Not a “Green Beret” …you are a phony, like the club this article is about. Now I’m done here. Too many people talking about shit they know nothing about.


  15. I posted a previous answer but it never got past moderation, so I’ll try again…You are wrong about how it went down. One club would travel, and spend time with another club…almost like prospecting for the 1% club designation ( you do know I am sure, that the 1st “1%er” designations were NOT on Diamonds)….While I do know the answers to everyone and how they got the 1% designation,of those you mention above, go ask that club and see if they’ll tell you. I will not go through the lineage as to who got what from whom, you can ask that clubs members if you want to know. Except I will say, because you asked who gave the Pagans and Sons of Silence their Diamonds, I’ll only tell you those two, because it is interesting you linked them together- and they are linked together via the Bandidos MC, the other club that seems to be a subject of conversation here. The Pagans presented the Bandidos with their Diamond after the clubs spent almost a year together, partying and getting to know one another. Then, the Bandidos presented the 1% Diamond to the Sons of Silence. All 3 clubs went on and awarded the 1% Designation to other clubs, too. If you want to know more history of how it was actually done and who awarded who with 1% Designation, join your nearest real deal 1% club…while prospecting you will learn all kinds of things that are now a days, thanks to sites like this, flat out misrepresented regarding how 1% clubs came to be.But, it can still be done the right way. A big 4 club just recently presented a small, localized, long time 3 piece outlaw club, with a 1% Diamond. And you have to be a member of a 1% club, currently, to be a “1%er”. You can not “take it with you” and start your own thing. You remain a “former 1%er” when you leave, but much like you remain a “Former Marine” when you leave the Marine Corp, you are a “former 1%er” when you leave a 1% club. If you want to wear a 1% diamond, you need to join a 1% club, or, have an already 1% club, present your club with a Diamond., you can not take your earned items from the Marine Corp, and use that past history to start a new branch of the armed forces, because you decided you didn’t like the Marines anymore, and it is not proper to do so in a 1% club either. Who am I to say? I’m just an old guy who started clubbing back in the 70’s…I’m just an old guy who KNOWS how it was, because I was there…I’m just an old guy who will soon be dead, and you can continue your fuckery with out being annoyed by the truth.


  16. Kinfolk is a joke this and a joke that. Blah, blah, blah, I hear it all the time. The absolute truth is when Kinfolk started it started out of the remains of a “brotherhood” from Bandidos. Bandits flipping on each other, ratting each other out, in-fighting, and whats worst…Newer, younger, stronger brothers kicking out older, wiser, mature brothers in the name of…? Ego?
    That’s a brotherhood?
    Then becomes Kinfolk. Ironically, alot of y’all say that kinfolk is a “pop-up” club…If the truth were known and maybe the right questions aren’t being asked… Kinfolk was backed by some major players in the game (Later they defaulted) but originally… that had some interesting backing.

    Kinfolk did some major things…
    1. Freed Texas, albeit… R&G had pissed off SO many independents by their bullying tactics that they literally didn’t even have to recruit. independents would line up around the block just to get a chance to stick it in the face of RNG. This also came with problems because despite popular belief… Kinfolk wasn’t ever really an Anti-Bandido club. They just simply didn’t care about their assumed authority.
    It should be mentioned that Kinfolk wasn’t the first club to do this, Consider the Ghosts, Cossacks, Banshees and other’s who’ve lived how they saw fit. Just no one had done it on such a large scale.
    Bikenights where there was 100 bikes, you couldn’t even walk into a place without touching elbows with someone in patches.

    2. Conversely, Kinfolk did some major things for RNG. Bandidos changed their recruitment strategy and invited some older brothers who had been kicked out back into their fold and good for them!
    Also, it was no secret and Bandido USA and Bandido Worldwide weren’t jiving together. Now because of a common threat? enemy? goal?….They’re jiving together. The RNG nation in a weird way is perhaps not “stronger” but is “closer” or more “unified” Which is very cool. Regardless of how anyone feels about the club they are a major part of history in Texas and Kinfolk wouldn’t exist without them and vice versa. They need each other and I think there is a weird upspoken respect for one another because some of those brothers STILL love each other, they’re just on different sides of the fence.

    3. Kinfolk is the “next-generation” club with some old school values/traditions.
    Kinfolk through trial and error and it’s no secret lots of error, has taken on the task of creating an environment where not only would more mature members feel welcome but also members of different races and ethnicities would feel welcome. Kinfolk and its expressive ideas are attracting younger and younger guys, which is breathing new life into the MC scene in Texas. it’s not the same 45 year old biker riding an old heritage. When you meet a chapter of Kinfolk you’re gonna meet a 22 year old guy, a 62 year old guy, a college guy, a prison guy and a tow truck driver. This one has a bagger, this one has a dyna, but this one has a metric, this one has whatever…. It makes it more interesting. It’s not the same ol tired hoop-lah from 1985 that isn’t working anymore. Look at Harely’s sales report, so kudos to Kinfolk for catering to the next-generation while still keeping some of the old generation ways.
    More importantly….
    Perhaps whats most valid…. All that history….All that old school biker shit from yesteryear that the gen x bikers kicked out of Bandits, are in Kinfolk. So a young guy, is getting the old history from a mature brother. Learning the old school customs and courtesies, learning the way of biker culture and its very cool that Kinfolk provided a life-boat for those brothers who might otherwise be forgotten by RNG and forgotten by the MC scene.

    Someday, if Bandidos MC could somehow rectify things between Kinfolk MC and B*east MG…..
    Texas would be locked down again.

    Power, ego, greed and self-preservation has fractured 1 brotherhood into 3 major factions.
    That’s the real lesson here, its sad to see.
    But if the Bandit and Beast and Kinfolk re-united and fixed their shit….they would be fucking unstoppable.


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