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An Illinois semitrailer truck driver was bound over for trial Monday in the traffic death of a Whitewater motorcyclist

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An Illinois semitrailer truck driver was bound over for trial Monday in the traffic death of a Whitewater motorcyclist Sept. 25.

Branko Jovanovic, 29, of Lyons, Illinois, is accused of running a red light on the interchange at Interstate 90/39 and Highway 11/Avalon Road and running over a motorcyclist who had run into the side of the trailer he was pulling.

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Jovanovic then left the scene and made his delivery at the nearby Dollar General warehouse in Janesville, according to testimony Monday.

The motorcyclist, Michael L. Bacon, 59, Whitewater, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jovanovic is charged with hit-and-run involving death and homicide by negligent driving.

Defense attorney Glenn Jazwiec of Elgin, Illinois, asked Rock County sheriff’s deputy Beau Douglas about the vehicles’ speeds at the time of the crash.

Federal and local law enforcement agents served a search warrant at the Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club Agents used heavy equipment to breakdown the building’s door.

Another truck driver who witnessed the collision said Jovanovic was driving slowly, maybe 10 to 15 mph, Douglas said.

Douglas didn’t know the motorcycle’s speed.

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Jazwiec asked if the motorcycle and truck had “more of a meeting together than an impact,” and Douglas agreed.

Jovanovic posted $100,000 cash bond Oct. 25 and was released.

An arraignment, at which he may enter a plea to the charge, is set for Dec. 6.

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