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Police are investigating whether a Sydney concreter’s affiliations with “multiple” biker gangs were the motivation for him being shot at his Penrith home

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By Sally Rawsthorne

Police are investigating whether a Sydney concreter’s affiliations with “multiple” bikie gangs were the motivation for him being shot at his Penrith home on Thursday afternoon.

Jae Tregear, aged in his 30s, was shot multiple times as he arrived at his home in Barber Avenue, Chief Inspector Tracy Ford told reporters on Friday.

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Police say CCTV vision shows an Audi A5 with a number of people inside lying in wait for Mr Tregear, a well-known bikie associate, as he arrived at the unit block.

The getaway car was then driven to a nearby street, where it was dumped and torched.

“Police are seeking information in relation to a white A5 Audi, which was seen parked in the area prior to the incident,” Chief Inspector Ford said.

Mr Tregear was flown to hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

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Chief Inspector Ford said police had not yet been able to speak to him.

Mr Tregear also survived an attempted execution earlier this year, at his former home in Caddens in the city’s west.

CCTV footage from the time shows Mr Tregear walking up the steps of his home as bullets fly into the building’s structure.

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The hooded gunman then waves his gun at the front door before fleeing in a Mercedes Benz A45.

That car was also found dumped and burnt out.

Documents before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal reveal that Mr Tregear was a member of the Bandidos bikie gang.

He was charged and later convicted of causing wounding and grievous bodily harm with intent to murder a man at Penrith in 2008.

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