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Damage Extensive to Hell’s Angels Angels Clubhouse after fire engulfed it details still unknown on how fire was started

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THUNDER BAY – Simpson Street was closed all day on Wednesday after a fire that started late Tuesday night engulfed the Hell’s Angels Clubhouse and Rizzo’s Cabinets on Simpson Street.

As well the East End Tunnel was flooded with water over two feet deep impacting the passageway.

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The Underground Gym and Youth Centre received extensive water damage according to Peter Panetta. “I just heard back from the Fire Department. I was told that it was mostly water damage (a lot of it). I do not have time to access the damage done last night but I will be there tomorrow morning to check it out. Those buildings were already in a state of disrepair so let’s hope for the best,” posted Panetta on his Facebook page.

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Several locals are looking toward ways to help the Underground Gym and Youth Centre get over the fire. This evening, Peter Panetta took his youth out to enjoy a night and pizza.

The fire is under investigation by the Ontario Fire Marshall’s office. The cause of the fire is unknown.

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There have been a number of fires along Simpson Street in recent months. Right across from last night’s fire another building was destroyed by fire and several families left looking for new homes.

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