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Members of the Haw River North Carolina chapter of the Law Dogs law enforcement motorcycle club donates bicycles for Christmas

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To extend their love of bikes, a North Carolina law enforcement motorcycle club donated bikes to a Silver Valley school for boys in need of a second chance at life.

On Saturday, members of the Haw River North Carolina chapter of the Law Dogs law enforcement motorcycle club met in the parking lot of Walter Grove Baptist Church in Silver Valley in Davidson County. Members dawned their red and black leather vest and were met by six boys in coordinating red and black shirts. Each boy is in need of a second chance at life.

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The Law Dogs say they believe in serving the community outside of time spend in their local, state and federal uniforms. As a part of its service initiative, the Law Dogs decided to donate bicycles to Shining Light School for Boys, a Christian boarding school for troubled boys. Since its founding and partnership with Walter Grove Baptist Church, the school and its founders, Roy and Susie Isenhart have served 50 boys from across the country. Most boys have had trouble in school or with law enforcement. Shining Light says parents send their sons to the soon for an intervention and second chance before something worse takes place in their lives.

Law Dog recruiter Bill Vaughn is a federal law enforcement officer. His road name is ‘Hacksaw.’ He says donating to the school can make a difference for both the club and the boys.

“It gives us a change to to take that uniform off and operate as a motorcycle club, which is what we do, and do something positive. It makes us feel good. It makes us smile to see these boys smiling. ‘Hey! I got a new bike!’ Who doesn’t like a new bike,” he asked with a big smile on his face.

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Upon receiving their bikes, the boys ran to pick out their own new ride. Zach Barnhart is from a small town in Georgia. Barnhard, 15, has been in the Shining Light School for two years and was excited for his new bike and the lessons it teaches him about humanity.

“Teaches me to care for each other, that other people cares for me,” he said. “When I feel low, it just shows that a lot of people care for me when I’m low and bring me up.”

Shining Light School for Boys is working to purchase land to build a school and home to house 25 boys at a time. To learn more and donate click here.

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