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Dooley has ridden Harley motorcycles his entire life and was a member of his own motorcycle club for decades before retiring his own bike due to age and health complications.

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Bill Dooley loves motorcycles but hasn’t been able to ride in more than a year. So bikers from across Texas came to surprise him with a morning of camaraderie.

Bill Dooley, 75, received quite the surprise Tuesday morning.

The Navy veteran and motorcycle aficionado was greeted by members of Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club at his home at Mustang Creek Estates in Keller.

“I just feel lucky to have these new friends,” Dooley said.

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Dooley has ridden Harley motorcycles his entire life and was a member of his own motorcycle club for decades before retiring his own bike due to age and health complications.

“I miss it very much, but I miss the friendships more than anything,” Dooley said.

Daybreak worked with the team at Mustang Creek Estates and the Disciple Christian Motorcycle club to bring one of Dooley’s fondest memories back to life in a series called “Passion Project.”

The idea of “Passion Project” is simple, talk to seniors about their fondest memories then recreate them in a meaningful way. For Dooley that meant lining the parking lot with motorcycles and surrounding him with fellow motorcycle club members who understand what it means to ride.

“It’s the camaraderie that I miss most. They’re like family there’s no other way to put it,” Dooley said.

The camaraderie between bikers was on full display Tuesday morning.

Ken McCorkle and the rest of the Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club had never met Dooley, but some rode from as far away as Houston and San Antonio to spend the morning with a fellow biker and make his wish come true.

“We want to honor the men and women who came before us and paved the way,” McCorkle said. “Our mission is to uplift, pray for and support all clubs and riders.”

The Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club sat with Dooley, drank coffee and shared stories from the road. They finished the day with a prayer and a a message from their new friend.

“I just want to let you know how lucky I feel that I have all these new friends in my life,” Dooley said.

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The morning ended with a prayer, a hug and new friendships between Texas men who share a love of the open road.


See the emotional video clicking the link below


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  2. Great thing for the 75 yr.old Harley biker. Wonder how many Harley riders are in the the disciples motorcycle club now. When I followed them they had very few Harley Riders. To me in the biker world that’s most important. When it comes to clubs the majority all ride Harleys.


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