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A federal judge has ruled that the President of Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club Gary Forston will stay in federal custody.

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Forston has been indicted on federal gun charges.

In court Tuesday, it was revealed by U.S. Attorney Frank Dahl that 14 firearms were found in the search last week.

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He says that includes two shotguns, one of which was sawed off. Investigators say two grams of meth were also found in Forston’s vehicle.

Forston’s next hearing is set for December 4. After that, Forston’s appointed counsel can file a motion for a change in Tuesday’s ruling.

His trial is set for January 27.



  1. Drugs are what the public wants. Who provides them to that need should be THANKED not put in prison. This old LAW is about to change no KIDS got forced into DRUGS. The cops are weak with this game


  2. Are you freaking kidding me? 14 firearms—-little bit of Meth? I hope you have a good lawyer cause you dont deserve to be incarcerated. There acting like you murdered someone. I never heard of your club but I saw Grim Reaper and I am obsessed with the Grim Reaper, skulls,etc. I will pray for you that this is over soon and you are out and back with your people where you belong. Peace and Love


  3. I just don’t understand why we are always look at as the bad ones just because we chose to ride motorcycles for our enjoyment.


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