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A Canberra bikie has been found guilty of attempted murder after a dramatic firefight in the city’s south last year

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By Michael Inman

A Canberra bikie has been found guilty of attempted murder, after a dramatic firefight in the city’s south last year, in which the former head of the Canberra Comancheros lost part of his finger.

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Key points:

  • Axel Sidaros was found guilty of seven offences related to the firebombing and shooting attack at a former bikie boss’ home
  • Sidaros was arrested in September last year attempting to board an international flight to Abu Dhabi
  • Police are yet to charge anyone else over the attack

An ACT Supreme Court jury deliberated for two days, before this afternoon finding Axel Sidaros, 25, guilty of seven offences, including attempted murder and arson.

But jurors acquitted Sidaros of an eighth charge, related to shooting at a second home soon after the gunfight and firebombing.

Sidaros was dramatically arrested at Melbourne Airport attempting to board an international flight to Abu Dhabi in September last year.

He pleaded not guilty to eight offences and has been on trial before Chief Justice Helen Murrell.

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Dramatic footage of the attack, captured on CCTV, was played to the court during the trial.

The footage showed a trio of armed men scaling a rear fence to gain access to the backyard of former Canberra Comanchero commander Peter Zdravkovic in June, 2018.

A gunfight then broke out when two of the intruders opened fire on Mr Zdravkovic.

Mr Zdravkovic returned fire, but was wounded and lost a finger in the exchange of bullets.

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The men then fled when the petrol was ignited, with one of the masked men being caught briefly in the fireball.

Police have not yet charged anyone else in relation to the incident.

During the trial, the court heard evidence that Mr Zdravkovic had fallen out with the club, and traded threats and insults with his rivals on social media before the attack.

Snapchat images, tendered during the trial, showed Mr Zdravkovic burning his Comanchero colours.

But Mr Zdravkovic told the court he was not sending a message to his former club by making the comments and that there was “no feud at all”.

Police seized a registered shotgun from Sidaros’s home during the investigation, which they allege he used during the shooting at Mr Zdravkovic’s home.

A ballistics expert told the court test firings of the shotgun showed markings on the shells which were consistent with those found at the scene.

But the defence argued forensic evidence was inconclusive and urged jurors to return a not guilty verdict.

The jury retired on Tuesday after hearing almost two weeks of evidence, and deliberated for more than two days before returning the verdict.

Sidaros will be sentenced in January.

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