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Since its launch in November 2017 the Triumph Motorcycles Factory Visitor Experience has now welcomed 100k visitors through its doors.

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This unique and free of charge public venue was originally opened by His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge and has subsequently played host to numerous celebrity visits from musicians such as Green Day to George Clarke, Victoria Pendleton and Ian Wright through to motorcycle royalty such as Triumph-mounted Isle of Man TT winner Peter Hickman and current multi-nationality Triumph-powered Moto2 stars. We have even held revolutionary new product launches within the Visitor Experience, including our ultra-rare premium “Triumph Factory Custom” range and the all-new adventure motorcycle of choice, the Tiger 900.

The Factory Visitor Experience has become such a draw for motorcycle and engineering fans alike from around the globe, with an impressive line-up of iconic motorcycles from Triumph’s long and impressive history and a showcase of Triumph’s design and engineering practices which should appeal to any enthusiast. Here at one of Triumph’s principal manufacturing facilities, we are also offering fully-guided Factory Tours where visitors can venture beyond those legendary factory doors to discover how bikes develop from concept through to manufacturing and final assembly.

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Almost 2 years from the date of doors opening for the first time, the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience reached their 100,000th visitor milestone. In order to celebrate, the lucky guest, Mr Ron Sutton, was introduced to the team, and was presented with some money-can’t-buy gifts including an exclusive edition of “The Art of the Motorcycle – The definitive story of the finest motorcycles ever made by Triumph” personally signed by Triumph’s CEO Nick Bloor and a one-off VIN plate engraved to mark the occasion.

Simon Thrussell, Head of Customer Experience at Triumph Motorcycles said, “We are absolutely delighted, in the first 2 years of opening and almost on our first anniversary, we’ve had our 100,000 visitor through our doors! Being able to celebrate this with our centurion visitor Ron was a proud moment for all of our team.”

Here, we find out from Ron what it’s like to be part of this special occasion:

Ron Sutton said; “Well, I can’t believe how lucky I am! As an existing Triumph owner, with 3 Triumphs of my own, it’s been a very special moment! Thank you very much for everything, I’ve really enjoyed it. “At first it was just a little trip for us. We rode up on our bikes (to bring them back home!), spent an afternoon around the exhibitions, then some of us decided to come back for a factory tour – which you just have to do!

“After the Factory Tour we’ve seen Triumph in a different light, especially after understanding the testing and quality control the bikes go through. It’s not until you see what goes into building these machines that you can appreciate them even more. It was so nice to see the factory in full operation. To think that although my 3 Triumphs are older, you might have worked on them here at this factory, in a similar sort of way.

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“I’ve already had two trips up here this year, I certainly would recommend it!  I’ve already noticed that you’ve changed some of the displays between my visits – so all the more reason to come back.

“I am truly honoured to be the 100,000th visitor, even more so now that I’ve had a good read through the exhibitions and a fantastic insight into the factory, seen the processes that you go through and the way the bikes are built and put together. “Now I get to ride them with an even deeper understand of the machine, that’s the best bit about this whole experience, being an owner and rider of a Triumph motorcycle. I cannot think of another brand of bike I want to ride.”

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