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An alleged biker gang member was arrested in connection to a deadly 2018 brawl at an east Tulsa bar with Hells Lovers Motorcycle Club.

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An additional alleged biker gang member was arrested on Friday in connection to a deadly 2018 brawl at an east Tulsa bar.

Marques “Baby-Boi” Hairston, 37, has had a warrant out for his arrest for an accessory to murder charge since late October.

He’s accused of being present at the crime scene and driving another involved gang member from Texas to Tulsa and back for the planned confrontation.


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Another county latest in Virginia to declare it would defy any new gun legislation passed by the state legislature’s incoming Democratic majority.

A probable cause affidavit also alleges Hairston was involved in guns being relocated among other gang members after the fatal shooting.

Hairston was booked into the Tulsa County jail Friday with an Arkansas address and was being held on $500,000 bond.


James Mitchell, 49, was shot and killed June 3, 2018, outside Torchy’s Briar Patch, 1111 S. 124th East Ave., and another man with him was beaten unconscious by rival biker gang members.

Five men are charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault and battery and a gang-related offense:

  • Kevin Fields
  • Kenneth “Dallas” Walters
  • Troy “Amp” Stinnett
  • Leon “Clark Kent” Harris
  • Eddie “Dough-Boy” Veal

The same charges against two others, Mark “Dirty” Alexander and Dwayne “D-Train” Arceneaux, were dismissed.

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The altercation was intended to be a one-on-one fist fight between Mitchell and Walters, the president of the Oklahoma chapter of Hell’s Lovers, after Mitchell and the man who later became the assault victim allegedly tried to take Fields’ Hell’s Lovers vest, but the fight turned deadly when Mitchell was shot.


Homicide detectives allege that Stinnett, of Las Vegas, fired a .45-caliber pistol during the fight, and the bullet that killed Mitchell was of the same caliber.

Stinnett, Veal and Harris are scheduled for a jury trial in March 2020, and Fields’ and Walters’ court appearances will proceed in January 2020.



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