The underworld bloodletting that has sent a slew of mobsters to the morgue is certain to turn 2020 into another violent year.

Various criminal groups ranging from traditional organized crime to street gangs to the Hells Angels are all vying for a seat at the buffet.

Drugs, gambling, girls and a cavalcade of new illicit money-making schemes are the golden chalices.

And with billions at stake, that’s a prize worth killing for.

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A civil servant has been suspended after he was among 28 people including three Hells Angels who were charged in what police call a multi-million-dollar illegal offshore gambling enterprise

“I expect more mob killings in the ongoing ‘Ndrangheta shakeout,” underworld watcher James Dubro told the Toronto Sun.

There are several of the Calabresi criminal clans operating in the GTA.

Dubro believes the clock is ticking down to zero on reputed Hamilton mob chieftain Pat Musitano.

He has predicted Musitano’s demise in the past but the wily son of the underworld has survived, battered but still standing.

“The killing will continue. Amazingly I started working on mob stories in 1974 and things are almost worse today as we enter 2020 in terms of numbers [of slayings] and criminal activities, Dubro said.

He added: “Organized crime is different than it was in the 1970s. There are more criminal groups and they’re more diverse.”The warfare that started with the slaying of mob scion Angelo Musitano outside his Waterdown home in 2017 shows no sign of ebbing.

Musitano had reportedly retreated from his family’s criminal enterprises but was still clipped.

His death was the first sign that gangland rivals were tossing away the old rules: It was now open season on families and fringe players alike.

A mobster’s soft underbelly.

Cece Luppino must have realized that on Jan. 30, 2019 when the 43-year-old was gunned down at his Hamilton home.Domani Restaurant owner Paul Caputo was murdered in August.

His father is reputed crime lord Rocco Luppino. But his son did not have a criminal record, wasn’t known to police and was even caught on tape saying he wanted nothing to do with the underworld.

It didn’t save him.

And in August, Roncesvalles Ave. restaurateur Paul Caputo, 64, was murdered late on a Friday afternoon. Caputo was rumoured to have underworld connections but if anything was a bit player.

Much of the current chaos in the criminal milieu emanates from Montreal where alliances melt like snow in spring.

The Musitano clan had long been allied with the Rizzutos but that crime group’s omnipotent power is fading and the Hamilton crew now find themselves surrounded by enemies on all sides.

The mid-range adventure motorcycle segment is flourishing The last two years or so saw the introduction of a handful of middleweight and there are more coming in 2020

Pat Musitano discovered that in April.

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The alleged gangster barely survived a brazen daytime assassination attempt outside his lawyer’s Mississauga office. A hitman parked numerous bullets into Musitano but not the magic one.

A suspected Montreal hit squad’s next kick at the can in whacking the mobster was also a debacle outside Musitano’s Hamilton home.

Police sources say Mafia powerbrokers have increasingly off-loaded killing to hitters from street gangs in Toronto and Montreal.

These guys don’t appear to be particularly good at planting their targets in the ground.

Challenging the supremacy of traditional organized crime has been the Hells Angels who have been fighting their own legal battles in Quebec.

Yet their tentacles stretch deep into Ontario. They are fighting for every dime bag.

“Hells Angels are picking up steam in the drug world and black street gang shootings and killings will continue,” Dubro added.

Since the botched hit on Musitano, the longtime underworld figure has kept a low profile. He has also moved from his central Hamilton home.

“Pat Musitano’s time is up. Finally and for real,” Dubro said.

But don’t book a tux for the coronation just yet.