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Alameddine family could be banned from spending time together under anti-consorting laws introduced to target outlaw bikie gangs

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By Josh Hanrahan For Daily Mail Australia

Three criminals members of the Alameddine family could be banned from spending time together under anti-consorting laws introduced to target outlaw bikie gangs.

Police prosecutors have asked the NSW Local Court to ban Richad Alameddine, 28, from associating with his cousins Hamdi, 27, and Rafat, 28, in any way, except when at family functions, after a wild shopping centre brawl.

The scuffle at Westfield Parramatta in June was the final straw for police, who asked the court last week to enforce laws reserved for outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCG).

The New age of Biking & BrotherhoodProvidence and state police are monitoring what is expected to be a large gathering of bikers at the Messer Street headquarters of the Hells Angels

Hamdi and Richad last week pleaded guilty for their role in the violent scuffle, with a police prosecutor asking the judge to include the ban on associating in sentencing Richad.

If successful, he will be the first non-bikies to be hit with the anti-consorting laws.

An affray charge laid against Rafat over the fight was dropped earlier this month, the trio’s lawyer Abdul Saddik said.

Court documents state Richad and Hamdi arrived at Westfield shortly after 2pm on Saturday, June 15.

There they met up with a group of their close associates, including cousin Rafat.

Together the group walked to the food court and then tried on shoes at a Footlocker, before heading towards Myer.

While walking along level four of the complex the Alameddine clan bumped a group of three men and moved together for several metres.

Suddenly the two groups ‘stopped at the front of Myer… near Oroton’, at which point Hamdi and Richad shaped up to the other group.

A man was killed early Monday in a shooting inside Birmingham motorcycle club Showstoppers Motorcycle Club .

Moments later a brawl erupts between the two groups of males… both groups throw punches and kicks at one another,’ agreed court facts state.

The court heard the severity of the brawl caused shoppers – including mothers and their young children – to ‘run from the area’.

‘Employees within the Oroton store locked the doors to the business as they were in fear,’ the papers state.

‘These actions would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.’

Strike Force Raptor – the specialist task force introduced to target bikie gangs across NSW – arrested the three Alameddine members over the Westfield incident.

With their expertise in disrupting OMCGs, it is little wonder officers have looked to employ the same tactics on the Alameddines that have worked so well on bikies.

After raids on their homes, both Hamdi and Richad handed themselves in more than a month later.

The pair will return to court in early 2019 for sentencing.

City police have charged a prospective member of a local Hells Angels chapter with threatening two of their officers

The Alameddine family name has quickly become prominent, with a tight-knit clan of brothers and cousins waging war against police and disrupting law-abiding society in recent years.

So disruptive are these members to law and order, they have become a major focus of the detectives who police Sydney’s western suburbs.

The Alameddines have even starred in their own social media drama, with four of them once pictured with a table of NRL stars at Sydney’s Star casino.

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Police’s street crime unit told the police services board on Thursday the Loners Motorcycle Club has departed

Talal Alameddine brought shame on the family name with his involvement in the cold-blooded murder of New South Wales police accountant Curtis Cheng.

Talal was just 22 when he delivered a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver to an associate – who passed it onto radicalised 15-year-old gunman Farhad Jabar in October 2015.

Just hours after this gun transaction, Jabar would use the weapon to shoot Mr Cheng dead outside police headquarters at Parramatta before being gunned down himself.

An ISIS sympathiser, Talal showed no remorse and refused to stand when sentenced to a minimum of 13-and-a-half years jail in the NSW Supreme Court.

It is not suggested that any other members of the Alameddine family were involved in the death of Curtis Cheng.


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