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A senior Nomads biker has claimed he turned to male prostitution to fund his serious meth addiction.

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By Brett Lackey

Alexander Victor Miller, 30, fronted the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday after allegedly being caught with 15 grams of meth and $11,000 in cash over the weekend.

Police allege the cash was ill-gotten but Miller’s defence lawyer Kate Gunther told the court her client had earned the money as a sex worker.

Ms Gunther said the 30-year-old, who holds the second-highest rank in the Nomads’ Canberra chapter, was embarrassed by his ‘debasing’ line of work.

Miller was a truck driver before losing his licence for drug driving, which had forced him to turn to the sex trade, Ms Gunther told the court.

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‘Sex work is not his passion, as you would probably expect … he does not enjoy it, in fact he considers it to be debasing himself,’ she said.

She said Miller had a serious drug addiction and used meth daily.

Miller fronted court earlier this week for a series of minor traffic charges which resulted in him being fined and disqualified from driving.

Ms Gunther said Miller’s girlfriend had agreed to support him if granted bail.

Magistrate Louise Taylor refused, however, saying he had an ‘appalling’ history of not complying with court orders.

Bikers pedophiles and drug traffickers could face up to five years in jail for communicating with other convicted criminals under proposed anti-consorting legislation.

Miller was remanded in custody to appear in court on January 30.


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