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A PATCHED member of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang has been jailed after a police investigation into the gang’s alleged involvement in illicit drug trafficking.

The 34-year-old from North Perth was declared a drug trafficker and jailed for firearm, drugs and property offences.

The man was sentenced on Friday in relation to final charges stemming from an investigation by the WA National Anti-Gangs Squad.

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“Wheels Up Guns Down” ride leads to a smattering of arrests, the seizure of dozens of vehicles, as well as a racially charged gun confrontation

WA National Anti-Gangs Squad charged the now 34-year-old in early 2017 after finding 37.5 grams of heroin, a handgun, ammunition, other drugs and drug paraphernalia when they searched his home in late November 2016.

After a trial in the Perth District Court, the man was found guilty of possessing a prohibited drug, namely heroin, with intent to sell or supply on November 7 last year.

He was declared a drug trafficker and sentenced to four years and 10 months jail.

The man pleaded guilty to the remaining 13 offences, including unlicensed possession of a handgun and possessing prohibited drugs and drug paraphernalia on January 17.

He was sentenced to six months imprisonment over the handgun and one month behind bars for each of the other 12 offences, all to be served concurrently with the earlier jail term for the heroin dealing.

Drive By of Outlaws Motorcycle Club Clubhouse caught on Camera- Police fired upon moments later by Suspect Video Enclosed

WA NAGS consists of members from the Australian Federal Police, Western Australia Police Force and Australian Taxation Office, targeting OMCG involved in the movement of illicit drugs into and within Australia.


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