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New Jersey Pagan’s Motorcycle Club boss Tim (Pita) Fowler was recently released from prison after a decade behind bars for plotting to kill rival Hells Angels club leaders

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Scott Burnstein

February 13, 2020 — New Jersey Pagan’s Motorcycle Club boss Tim (Pita) Fowler was recently released from prison after a decade behind bars for plotting to kill rival Hells Angels club leaders. The 51-year old Fowler is a former U.S. Marine and served as president of the Pagan’s Trenton chapter in the 2000s.

It’s unclear what role — if any —Fowler will play in an era where the Pagan’s are actively looking to acquire more territory in his home state.

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The Pagan’s national president Keith (Conan the Barbarian) Richter issued the “Blue Wave” initiative two years ago, an expansion edict, per law enforcement memos and press briefings, specifically targeting parts of Northern New Jersey — perceived as Hells Angels turf —, and other parts of the Northeastern U.S. Under Richter’s orders, Pagan’s in the region wear an “East Coast” rocker rather than one that identifies any particular city or state as is customary in most other clubs’ protocol. There have been seven new Pagan’s chapters opened in recent years.

Several members of the club who patched over the Finks some years ago have been arrested as part of the operation involving Mongols MC

Pita Fowler was indicted in September 2010 in Operation On The Road Again along with one-time New York Pagan’s chapter bosses Jason (Roadblock) Blair and John (J.R.) Ebeling, charged with conspiracy in a plot to firebomb Hells Angels social functions and personal residences. Fowler pleaded guilty in the spring of 2012. Blair and Ebeling used to run “Conan” Richter’s Long Island chapter prior to their incarcerations.

In 2006, Fowler was arrested by authorities in Monmouth County for the kidnapping of a rival biker from a bar in an effort to get him to provide information on the address of a fellow Bandanas MC member who the Pagan’s were in a beef with. Blair, 46, has another four years on his prison sentence. Ebeling, 47, only did five years and got out in early 2015.

Source: Gangster Report


  1. I think it is so stupid how these motorcycle clubs fight over territory this is a free country anybody can go where the fuck they want to and I think that all the horrible illegal things they do such as selling drugs and guns is stupid why can’t these people in these clubs get real jobs.


  2. H As here in Oregon stand up for the homeless and abused children. If you fuck with any of em, they will make you their colors, Red n White, mostly Red . I love those guys. They are like Jesus if Jesus liked good pussy and hard drugs.


  3. Remember… the beatles said they were more popular then jesus.. most of them are dead now.. you are one simple fuck to compare these under educated failing to grow up punks to jesus..and im not a bible thumper ..just think that statement is as shallow as the level in your gas tank…youll be on the side of the road soon with that apptitude..


  4. Listen
    People fear what they dont understand ..
    I have been around this circle a very long time , and there is good and shit in EVERY CIRCLE!
    Look around you! I worked for a 501 c club for veterans and you would all be sick how much money walks out the door! And corruption!
    That’s a whole another story in itself…
    So as I said there is goor and also not so good in ALL circles..
    As for the P 1%
    There are veterans who served this country for You
    They have families and go to work ( and Great jobs I might add) and pay there bills…
    Keep in mind
    Bikers raise more money for charities then this country ever will!!
    Its not only a band of Brothers ,but sisters as well. So don’t believe every thing you read or hear . Again not saying bad things dont happen,but bad shit happends
    Everywhere! We are all Human!
    When you talk drugs, take a look within your own family ..start there…that goes for abuse , and all kinds of negative..
    I feel 100% safe, to be around these people /family !
    So again ..I will end this as I started this..
    People fear what they dont understand..


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