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Police say they’ve charged 10 people including three Hells Angels as part of a probe into a drug-trafficking ring

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LONDON, Ont. — Police say they’ve charged 10 people, including three Hells Angels, as part of a probe into a drug-trafficking ring in the London, Ont., area.

City police say they worked with the RCMP and provincial officers to raid six locations in southwestern Ontario, where they seized drugs and weapons.

Court of Appeals death sentence for methamphetamine smuggling and Hells Angel motorcycle club member murder

Police say they confiscated cocaine, marijuana, cannabis resin, crack cocaine and oxycodone, as well as three sets of body armour and two stun guns.

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Officers arrested three “full-patch” members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club as well as seven other suspects.

The accused are between the ages of 35 and 77.

They face numerous counts, including drug-trafficking-related charges and weapons possession offences.

Source: Vancouver Sun

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