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Triumph motorcycles Created by Germans, built in Thailand, and alive and well thanks to the USA, the British bike has a fascinating past and a glorious future.

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Death must be a biker, and a fun-lovin’ bad-ass Outlaw Biker at that, because when Triumph Motorcycles hit the wall in 1983, Death decided he didn’t think Heaven would want it, and Hell was probably afraid it’d take over – so he sent it back.

That hadn’t been the company’s first brush with the aforementioned Grim Reaper (maybe we’ll call him ‘Brian’); Triumph Engineering had already gone bust in 1939, and been forced to sell both kidneys and a lung prior to that.

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The most British of motorcycle marques was in fact the creation of a German. Seigfried Bettmann was born in Nuremburg in 1863, emigrating to England at the age of 22. He worked as a translator for a sewing machine company, and a year later founded the Triumph Cycle Company (always with the sewing machines and the bicycles, what is it about motoring pioneers?).

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