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Pissed Off Bastards of Berdoo motorcycle club is honoring graduates in a different kind of way

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By Abel Garcia- (KOLO)

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – Graduation is a ceremony many students look forward to. It is a day to be recognized for all their hard work for the past 12 years of their education, but as this global pandemic continues, graduations have been canceled.

One motorcycle club is honoring graduates in a different kind of way. Members of the P.O.B.O.B Motorcycle Club roared their engines through neighborhoods for their graduates.

One member of the club, only known as Whoozy, said going house to house to recognize all their accomplishments is an honor. He made sure this major capstone in their life would never be forgotten.

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“There is that stigma with bikers and as a club and many other organizations throughout Reno, we all strive for that, to promote a positive attitude,” said Whoozy.

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The motorcycle parade began in Reno at the home of Diego Montes, he is a graduating senior at Wooster High School. Montes said not being able to walk the stage and receive his diploma is a huge letdown, but seeing the support of his community made his celebration unforgettable.

“It’s different, but I honestly kind of like it. We didn’t get to have a graduation, but it’s cool that my family can get together and do this,” said Montes.

Sarah Montes, Diego’s mother, said her son has put in so much effort into his education and she is happy to see him receive some form of celebration.

“It’s important too for them to have something to celebrate all of their accomplishments and what they have done over the last 12 years,” Montes explained.

After the motorcycle club left Reno they headed to Sparks were they honored three more graduates from Spanish Springs High School.

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One of the 3 was Ilyana Gutierrez, she said COVID-19 has taken away her senior year experience, she missed her prom and the long-lasting memories with her friends.

“There are moments like this where it makes it special, not everybody is going to go through this like we are, so it is definitely cool,” Gutierrez said.

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Graduating during a global pandemic may be a challenging thing to process, but members of this motorcycle club want students to know their hard work will never go underappreciated.

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