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Harley-Davidson is the most American motorcycle company around. Here’s why the Hells Angels motorcycle club are so loyal to the hogs.

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It’s unbelievable the degree to which many people consider Hells Angels and Harley-Davidson synonymous with each other. There’s an assumption that anyone who owns a Harley must be a Hells Angel member. But while most Angels do own a Harley – or at least some sort of American motorcycle – not everyone who owns a Harley is an Angel.

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Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is an international one-percenter biking club. It was originally founded by the Bishops, a World War II immigrant family, who started the club in Fontana, California in 1928. The founding members didn’t necessarily have a special connection to Harley-Davidson – no one appeared to have a particular stake or something to gain from the success (or lack thereof) of the company. Still, it begs the question as to why the Hells Angels remain so loyal to Harley-Davidsons today, especially since it often criticized as a brand name.

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Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at the main reasons Hells Angels have remained so loyal to Harleys for going on a century. Much of it has nothing to do with the modern reputation the bike brand holds. Rather, as we shall see, the details of the club’s founding and how it coincided (and reinforced) with the rise of the Harley-Davidson brand is crucial to answer this question.

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