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The public may not have a flattering opinion about biker clubs but some of the biggest names in Hollywood actually used to ride with one.

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by Vasilii Kulev

Riding a motorcycle is one thing, basing your entire lifestyle on your passion for two-wheeled iron horses is another. Nobody understands this better than the motorcycle clubs and their members. And in their case, this lifestyle comes with a set of factors that not everyone would be comfortable putting up with – be it the run-ins with the law, or the reputation of a social outcast. Would it be wrong for us to say that the general public’s idea of a motorcycle club member is not so flattering?

A public war of words has ensued between the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club and the city of Sturgis

Not so fast! What the general public also might not know is that some of their favorite celebrities are or were a part of a motorcycle club! Yes, that’s right – some of those big names that we think are too used to living cozy lives aren’t actually afraid to hop on a motorcycle and cover some miles with their club comrades. In this list, you will learn more about 15 celebrities who were – or still are –  in a motorcycle club.

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