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Two people have been arrested after a major joint police operation targeting the Bandidos MC

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Tas Police

Two people have been arrested after a major joint police operation targeting the Bandidos MC in Southern Tasmania this morning.

Tasmania Police in collaboration with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Anti-Gang Squad (NAGS) and Australian Border Force undertook specific operational activity targeting the Bandidos MC members, supporters and associates in the Dover area following a six month investigation.

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The Tasmania Police response involved personnel from the Serious Organised Crime Division, Southern Drug Investigation Services Marine Services, members of the Saturate Taskforce and the Special Operations Group, incorporating the use of police dogs with drug and firearms detection capability.

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A search warrant was executed at a premises in the township of Dover, as well as a number of fishing vessels on the marina. The occupants, a 44 year old woman and 44 year old man were arrested and they remain in custody facing serious fraud, drug and participation in a criminal organisation charges.

“Our aim is to disrupt the criminal activities of people associated with outlaw motorcycle gangs across the state. We will continue to work closely with our partners at the AFP NAGS to achieve this,” Acting Commander Doug Oosterloo said.

“The community needs to be aware that outlaw motorcycle gangs are not a harmless motorcycle club. They are well organised criminal gangs who readily resort to violence and intimidation to protect their way of life, causing fear across Tasmania and the rest of the country.”

Neighbours say they heard “blood-curdling screams” after a double shooting on Monday night in the outer southern Perth suburb of Waikiki

AFP Tasmania NAGS Sergeant Nick Gibson said the AFP, in conjunction with state and territory law enforcement agencies, and Commonwealth partners, is focused on prosecuting motorcycle club members and dismantling their various criminal enterprises.

Mark Polchan, a high-ranking member of the Outlaws motorcycle club, is set to be re-sentenced after he successfully challenged his arson conviction related to a pipe bomb blast in Berwyn

“These groups are highly involved in the importation of illicit drugs and the sale of illegal weapons. Outlaw motorcycle gangs are profiting from the misery caused by the drugs they import and the violence they support,” Sergeant Gibson said.

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