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Joining a motorcycle club isn’t something you do because you’re bored! It takes commitment and dedication – lots of it!

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by Nzilili Sam

You have probably watched multiple Motorcycle Club TV shows like Sons of Anarchy, and you feel like, yeah, it is about time I tried this life. It is one thing to fantasize about a motorcycle club life, and it is another thing to live it. What you see on TV shows is totally different from what really happens in real life Motorcycle Clubs – the most challenging part is becoming a member. Being a motorcycle enthusiast is a big plus. Knowing your way around cruisers and massive road beasts, and being able to install some good sound on your ride without vising a mechanic is another big bonus.

But that is not all; what you need to ask yourself is, do I have what it takes to last the test of time. One fact with MCs is that once you’re in, the door slams shut behind you – there is no way out. So, before you jump in with all the excitement, read this—a few things you probably need to know before joining a motorcycle club.

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