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A muscled up Finks bikie at the centre of the brutal kidnapping of a club member has been jailed.

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A muscled up Finks bikie at the centre of the brutal kidnapping of a club member has been jailed.

Oscar Jargiello, 30, of Glenmore Park, and associate Jakob Ivlev, of Port Macquarie, admitted to kidnapping Samuel Kelly in February 2018.

Chapter president Adam Timothy Smith, 40, had directed that he be brought to the clubhouse and kicked out of the club.

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Jargiello was this week jailed for a maximum of five years and three months by Judge Sharon Harris over the violent attack, which left Mr Kelly with serious facial injuries after he was repeatedly kicked in the head and stomped on.

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The court heard tensions within the gang were simmering in the days leading up to the kidnapping, with Smith ordering that Mr Kelly be banished from the club after he allegedly provided evidence to police in an unrelated criminal investigation.

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Jargiello pleaded guilty to all charges while Ivlev pleaded guilty to the kidnapping and assault on Mr Kelly and has already been sentenced to three years and six months jail. Smith, who admitted to an intimidation charge as the “instigator” of the kidnapping, was jailed for 12 months.

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