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A sentencing date has yet to be set for a Hells Angels Nomad chapter member from Ottawa who has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in Sudbury.

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A sentencing date has yet to be set for a Hells Angels Nomad chapter member from Ottawa who has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in Sudbury.

Joshua Khosrowkhani, 33, who was facing five charges following his arrest Aug. 1, 2019, and was in custody at the Sudbury Jail, pleaded guilty via videoconference July 29 to cocaine possession for the purpose of trafficking.

A sentencing date, which was to have been set Wednesday, was not finalized in assignment court. It will now be set Aug. 12 in the same court.

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Khosrowkhani is out of custody pending his sentencing.

While no pre-sentence report was ordered, the court heard Khosrowkhani has a prior record.

The court heard that in the summer of 2018, Niagara Regional Police, Greater Sudbury Police and the Ontario Provincial Police started a joint investigation into a cocaine trafficking ring that operated across Ontario, including Greater Sudbury.

Dubbed Project Skylark, the investigation included the wiretapping last year of a network of drug traffickers in Nova Scotia and Ontario and concentrated on the Red Devils motorcycle club and the Hells Angels Nomads chapter.

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The Ontario Provincial Police Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau, the Niagara Regional Police Service, Greater Sudbury Police Service, Ottawa Police Service, and Hamilton Police Service carried out the 14-month investigation.

About 6 a.m. Aug. 1, 2019, search warrants were executed across the province, including five at locations in Greater Sudbury.

Police in Sudbury seized about $420,000 worth of drugs, including methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, and shatter.

Five handguns, three long guns, and $50,000 in cash were also seized

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Seven people were arrested and charged in Greater Sudbury as a result of the searches.

Police identified Khosrowkhani, a full-patch member of the Nomads chapter, as one of three targets by police.

Wiretaps showed he was involved in the sale of cannabis products ranging in price from $250 to $300 an ounce.

The court also heard that in 2018, Khosrowkhani was not employed in any capacity.

On Aug. 1 of 2019, a search warrant executed at Khosrowkhani’s Ottawa residence turned up a variety of items, including 119.78 grams of cocaine, 1.05 grams of MDMA (an amphetamine derivative), 102.72 grams of cannabis marijuana, two packages of cannabis edibles, other cannabis products, and $10,500 in cash, most of the money discovered in a paper bag.

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Khosrowkhani admits to being in possession of the items police seized and what he pleaded guilty to, but nothing in regard to the actions of any other individuals charged in the case.

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