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An ex-Finks bikie who allegedly patched over to become a junior member of the Satudarah MC has been granted strict conditional bail

Pressreader-Illawarra Mercury

An ex-Finks bikie who allegedly patched over to become a junior member of the Satudarah MC has been granted strict conditional bail amid allegations he was found with an air rifle, taser, ammunition and a homemade gun.

Jayden Kierce, who also goes by the name Jayden Hanley, is facing nine charges after police attached to the South Eastern Regional Enforcement Squad raided his dad’s Mount Warrigal home and a storage facility at Unanderra on Thursday morning after serving the 21-year-old with firearms and weapons prohibition orders.

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Officers allegedly discovered three vials of anabolic steroids and a crude, homemade gun at the Mount Warrigal property. Kierce later told officers he had used the steroids while in training at the gym, and he’d made the firearm about “nine months to a year ago” after watching a video on Youtube.

“I made it to fire .22 rounds,” he allegedly told police.

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Meanwhile, officers seized a Slavia branded 618 air rifle, two rifle scopes, a taser and 79 rounds of .22 calibre ammunition at the Unanderra storage unit. Kierce told police the rifle, which he described as a “slug gun”, was a family heriloom he’d taken from his grandfather’s house.

He said he stored it at the unit to keep it away from children. Kierce was taken to Lake Illawarra Police Station and charged with multiple gun and weapon offences including manufacturing a prohibited firearm. He was remanded in custody and faced Wollongong Local Court on Friday where he sought release on bail.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Seleena Gilmore opposed Kierce’s release, noting he was already on strict conditional bail for alleged drug supply after police found 300 tablets of ecstasy at his home in Cringila. However, defence lawyer Caitlin Drabble said Kierce had told her the ecstasy was for his own personal use and not for supply.

“He told me when he ‘gets on the gear’ he will take 10 to 15 tables in one night,” she said. “He told me he purchased the drugs in bulk, that they were not for sale and that amount wouldn’t last him longer than about a month.”

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Ms Drabble also told the court Kierce was an ex-Finks bikie who had recently converted to Islam and had been drug-free for a week. “it is against the beliefs of Islam to partake in any illicit substance abuse,” she said.

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Police have previously said Kierce is a junior member of the Satudarah MC, however any alleged affiliations with that bikie club were not mentioned in court on Friday. Meanwhile, Magistrate Claire Girotto agreed to grant Kierce strict conditional bail, finding it was not inevitable he would receive a full-time jail sentence if convicted.

As part of the bail, Kierce must live at his home address in Cringila, report to police daily, abstain from drugs, participate in drug and alcohol programs and submit to random urine testing if required.

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