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A former Finks bikie has been accused of drugging and raping a woman 19 times

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A former Finks bikie has been accused of drugging and raping a woman 19 times, and taping her breasts with electrical tape in a way that made her implants rupture.

It is also alleged the exbikie, who cannot be named for legal reasons, put what was believed to be the drug ice into the woman’s wine before raping her.

It is alleged he kept the drug in his refrigerator.

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Police will allege the woman was so intoxicated she only found out about the tape when she found a photograph on her phone.

The tightly wound silver electrical tape was placed so it separated her implants from the natural tissue in her chest, police allege.

In September last year the woman went to the doctor because her breasts were sore.

The court was told she was allegedly informed both her implants had ruptures and she had deformed breasts due to repeated trauma.

On one occasion the exbikie allegedly threatened to “smash her head through the wall”.

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It is also alleged he threatened her with a machete.

The ex-bikie remained in the watchhouse on Friday when his matter was briefly heard before the Southport Magistrates Court.

He is facing 31 charges including 19 counts of rape, two counts of deprivation of liberty and one count of torture.

Defence lawyer Bettina Webb, of Howden Saggers Lawyers, asked for an adjournment to Tuesday so she could “obtain further material from another law firm” acting for the ex-bikie.

Magistrate Michelle Dooley adjourned the matter until Tuesday.

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