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A MONGOL who survived a bullet to the brain in an alleged attempted hit by two rival Finks gunmen says he has little memory of the attack

Press Reader- Herald Sun

A MONGOLS bikie who survived a bullet to the brain in an alleged attempted hit by two rival Finks gunmen says he has little memory of the attack.

Rocco Curra, 32, says he “didn’t remember much” of the alleged ambush as he sat in his car believing he was picking up a woman for a date in Bulleen on August 1 last year.

Emergency surgery to remove the bullet from his brain saved his life, and he had to undergo further surgery to reconstruct his skull. Three other bullets remain in his body.

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Mr Curra revealed the longlasting impacts of his injuries when he was forced to front Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for compulsory examination over the alleged shooting.

He said he now had to take anti-seizure medication.

Mr Curra’s answers to the circumstances of the shooting were brief, saying he attended the street “at night” and “remembers a small car coming from behind” and “gunfire”.

He recalled rushing to a nearby house for help and then being in hospital.

Asked if he knew a “Sarah Riccardo”, he said he did not remember someone of that name. That was the name of the woman he was meant to be meeting for a date that night.

He had pulled up outside her home and texted her to say he was there.

An earlier court heard Ms Riccardo did not exist and a fake Instagram account had been set up in that name to lure Mr Curra to his death.

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“Sarah Riccardo” had befriended him on the social media site a month earlier.

Mr Curra’s compulsory examination evidence was given in June, but the details emerged in a Supreme Court bail application for one of his alleged attackers, Sione Hokafonu. In January, Mr Hokafonu, 26, of Clyde North, and Ali Hussein, 24, of Mickleham, were both charged with his attempted murder.

CCTV shows a stolen silver BMW drive in front of Mr Curra’s parked car and two men armed with 9mm handguns climb out and open fire.

Mr Hokafonu was refused bail, with Justice Paul Coghlan stating he was an unacceptable risk of reoffending if released.

“This is a serious example of a serious offence which might easily have been a murder,” Justice Coghlan said.

“The alleged offending involved a planned and callous shooting in a residential street, demonstrating no regard for the complainant’s life or the safety of the general public.”

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Mr Hokafonu and Mr Hussein are listed to face a contested hearing in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in April.

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