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A Foxton Beach man will be remembered for his love of family and motorcycles


A Foxton Beach man will be remembered for his love of family and motorcycles.

Edward De Villiers Winiana, 55, died while out riding on Lake Rd, State Highway 38, near Tuai in Hawke’s Bay on September 8.

Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club national president Gerry Halcrow said Winiana had a stroke or heart attack when riding his beloved Triumph.

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He said it appeared that there was no attempt to turn and Winiana died before crashing. He collapsed while riding and knocked a GoPro camera off the front of his bike.

Halcrow had known Winiana for 10 years and described him as a highly skilled, experienced rider.

His friend couldn’t resist the new and exciting models of motorcycle, and would pine over new releases.

Winiana was riding a limited-edition Triumph Factory Custom Rocket Three 2500cc when he died.

He was one of 14 founding members of the Triumph Riders Motorcycle Club NZ, established in 2011.

Halcrow said he served with passion on the Triumph Riders national committee and also founded the Rocket 3 owners’ club of New Zealand.

He was a member of Western Bay Street Rodders and had also owned V8 powered machines such as a V8 CF Bedford van, a Jaguar Xr 8 and an Oldsmobile V8 hearse.

Winiana would spend his spare time riding around Manawatū and discovering interesting routes for club excursions. He would also organise and fund events out of his own pocket, Halcrow said.

“We lost a leader with a lot of mana. He lived for the club and his whānau.

“He has left a huge gap in our ranks. He wasn’t just a good mate, he was an asset to the club.”

The Triumph Riders Club has 14 chapters across the country, with just over 450 members.

Family and friends attended a funeral for Winiana on September 14, where 108 motorcycles escorted his final ride.

He is survived by his wife Sandra-Lyn and eight children.

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