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The former leader of Canberra’s Comanchero MC, who lost a finger in a fiery shootout at his house, will avoid jail


The former leader of Canberra’s Comanchero MC, who lost a finger in a fiery shootout at his house, will avoid jail after being found guilty of illegal weapons possession.

CCTV footage of the incident shows Peter Zdravkovic, 38, still naked from the shower, firing back at three men who were shooting into his house, before they poured fuel around his cars and set them alight in June 2018.

Police have alleged the fight was prompted by a dispute between rival bikies.

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Days after the firefight a gun was found in the ceiling of Zdravkovic’s house during a police search, and some bladed knuckledusters were found in a shed

A jury last week found him guilty of two counts of possessing illegal weapons.

Bikie sought non-conviction

During sentencing in the ACT Supreme Court on Thursday, his lawyer Jason Moffett argued for a non-conviction order.

He told the court that although the gun was used in the shootout, Zdravkovic had clearly been acting in self defence, and had not been charged over that.

He said the weapon was also well hidden, and there were no aggravating features of the crime.

“It wasn’t laying around,” he said.

“[And] the knuckledusters were not laying around in young [his child]’s nursery.”

The court heard the knuckledusters were in fact a collector’s item.

Ex-bikie to complete community service, pay fines

Mr Moffett told the court Zradkovic had left the bikies.

“The offender is no longer associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs,” he said.

But prosecutor Patrick Dixon pointed to Zradkovic’s past offending.

“His antecedents point towards a non-conviction order being unsuitable,” Mr Dixon said.

Mr Dixon told the court Zradkovic had declined offers of help from the police and on the night had refused to had over the gun.

Justice David Mossop rejected the call for a non-conviction order, but did not send Zradkovic to jail, instead suspending his nine-month sentence.

Zdravkovic will also have to complete 100 hours of community service and pay more than $2,000 in fines.

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