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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – many are wondering what changes were made to Myrtle Beach’s 2020 Fall Bike Rally

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE) – With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – many are wondering what changes were made to Myrtle Beach’s 2020 Fall Bike Rally.

Well, Will Couch the owner of Suck Bang Blow said a few things look different this year.

“We’re requiring our staff to wear masks. Encouraging all of our customers to wear masks,” He also said they’ve changed the flow of traffic to their property. “We have two points of entry and exit on our property. Normally the traffic flows differently, now we have to keep track of how many people are on our property and how many people come in the building,” Couch said.

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Couch said they’re still expecting a great turnout for this year’s rally and many bikers said they agree.

Bikers at the rally this year said when it comes to the pandemic and potentially catching the virus, they aren’t too concerned.

Nick Bokin was one of the bikers at the rally this year and said he does have some concerns with potentially giving the virus to one of his family members.

“I would feel bad to take something home to my parents or grandparents but for me, I’m not concerned, My friends, we’re all on the same page. Not concerned about it at all,” Bokin said.

Mike Amurgis was another biker at the rally who said he isn’t concerned about the virus but he is annoyed with the current ordinances in the county, requiring people to wear masks and restricting bars from serving alcohol after 11 p.m.

“It’s pretty pointless but it is what it is, trying to keep people from congregating I guess but it’s really not going to do too much,” Amurgis said.

Bokin said he doesn’t understand the effectiveness of the mask ordinance throughout the county and the purpose of having one.

“There are so many restrictions. There’s no open, there’s no freedom. You have to sit down to take your masks off but the second you stand up you have to put a mask on,” Bokin said.

One of the bikers at the rally said he thinks this year’s rally has a bigger turnout than years before.

“Its actually more busy now than it has been. This is early on in the week. Bike week is a little bit later on it starts Wednesday and goes through the weekend, this is the first time it’s been busier down here in the inlet,” he said.

Jason Lesley with the Georgetown County Sherriff’s office said there will be a heavy law enforcement presence in the Murrells Inlet area and ordinances will be enforced.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has been contacted to see if officials were conducting any compliance checks. The message has not yet been returned.

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