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Two members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club arrested and charged for alleged extortion and armed robbery offences

Press Release QLD Police

Detectives from the Organised Crime Gangs Group investigating alleged extortion and armed robbery offences by members of Motorcycle Club today arrested and charged two men following a number of raids across the Moreton District.

The Organised Crime Gangs Group staged simultaneous raids throughout the suburbs of Caboolture, Scarborough and Burpengary and arrested two members of the Bandidos, including the President of the Brisbane chapter.

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Police will allege victims were threatened with violence if a sum on money wasn’t paid, as well as property being stolen.

To date police have identified a number of victims but investigators are confident there are others and ask for them to come forward.

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As a result, a 38-year-old Burpengary man and a 42-year-old Scarborough man were each charged with three counts of extortion, two counts of armed robbery and one count each of using a carriage to menace.

Detective Inspector Tim Ledbetter said this behaviour “clearly demonstrates the true nature of these gangs”.

“They work together to standover and bully everyday Queenslanders, threatening victims with violence for money.”

“They have used their gang association to further intimidate victims to both meet their demands, but also to discourage them from complaining to authority.”

The two men are due to face the Maroochydore Magistrates Court tomorrow.

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