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Thief blames Cossacks Motorcycle Club over theft of ID Cards


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man arrested with I.D. Cards belonging to another man told deputies the man gave them to him to keep them out of the hands of the Cossacks motorcycle gang.

A Wichita County deputy said he saw a man and two women standing in the parking lot of the old Browse Shop on East Scott, where they made a transaction.

He said the man saw him and went to the rear of the building and couldn’t be located.

A witness later told the deputy he saw the man running across the street to the Catalina Motel, where deputies said they found him hiding in an abandoned car.

Deputies patted him down and said they found a large knife on his hip and a large wallet in his right pocket containing another man’s driver’s license, five credit cards and two debit cards.

They said James Hales told them the man had given him his wallet to prevent members of the Cossacks from getting it.

He was charged with fraud by possession of another person’s I.D. Information.

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