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Bikers for Kids in Need is working with the Great Falls Public School District to help bring holiday cheer to homeless kids

Joee Taylor, Reporter

GREAT FALLS – Bikers for Kids in Need is working with the Great Falls Public School District to help bring holiday cheer to homeless kids and they’re asking for your help. 

Their angel tree is set up in Go! Calendar, Toys, and Games in the lower level of the Holiday Village Mall. 

All you have to do is grab a tag, fill it out, go shopping, and then bring back the wrapped gift to the store. 

“Our community has been great the last couple years hopping in with us making these kids have a wonderful Christmas,” said Pam Howard, a member of Bikers for Kids in Need.

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This year, the group has partnered with Alliance for Youth in the homeless kids project with GFPS. 

This is the 3rd year the group has put up the tree. Ensuring every child gets a Christmas gift when they deliver the meals. 

“It’s always good to give back. And it’s always good to look at the younger generation and try to let them know that there is hope in life. And when I see them and there’s hope then that gives me hope for the future,” said Howard. 

Gifts must be wrapped and delivered to the store by December 16, as they are being delivered on December 19.  

Bikers saying it’s a need that can’t be ignored. 

“You know, a lot of them don’t get a lot during the holiday times so during the holiday time. So, this is just a big surprise for them. Plus, the really like to see guys pull up on their motorcycles,” said Mike Symonds, biker and manager for Go! Calendar, Games, and Toys. 

“To look at their faces and know that it was a good moment for them that day,” said Denis Stringer, member of Horde MC Biker Group. 

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But for Bikers for Kids in Need, the giving continues long after Santa heads back to the North Pole. 

“We go throughout the whole year. It’s not just about Christmas. It’s about backpacks, school supplies, hygiene, helping out the homeless kids… So, no matter what you donate we’ll be able to get it directly to the right people,” said Stringer.   

If you’re in need or if you’re looking for more ways to help – you can head to their Facebook page.

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