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Police have revealed Mongols motorcycle club members and associates have found a way to get around laws banning the wearing of gang colors.


Police have revealed Mongols bikies and associates have found a way to get around laws banning the wearing of gang colours. HERE’S HOW THEY’RE DOING IT!MONGOLS bikies are getting around hard-line prohibition laws against wearing gang colours by donning US football-branded clothing to signify their affiliation.

Legal and police sources say Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members have started showing their colours by wearing Raiders NFL gear in an effort to circumvent the laws.

Wearing gang paraphernalia in public – including clothing with the name, symbol or patches of an OMCG – carries a maximum penalty of 12 months behind bars.

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But the Raiders NFL team-branded gear can be legally purchased at many retail stores for $20-60.

Police forensics officers investigating at the scene of Shane Bowden’s killing. Picture: Richard Gosling.

It is understood members and associates around the state began wearing black and white Raiders clothing to show their allegiance to Mongols about 12 months ago.

Independent investigations by the Bulletin indicate T-shirts and caps are some of the most popular items sold at one of the Gold Coast’s largest retailers of the apparel.

Legal sources say Raiders is a feeder group to the Mongols OMCG, similar to Coomicubs and Soldiers of Islam.

The Bulletin has been told Raiders have a large presence in Queensland jails.

Coomicubs was a feeder group to the Lone Wolf and Soldiers of Islam were affiliated with the Bandidos and were both prolific on the Gold Coast before the VLAD laws were introduced.

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