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An ongoing dispute turned violent at a motorcycle club meeting

Maia Hart

An ongoing dispute turned violent at a motorcycle club meeting where a man was knocked unconscious, a court heard.

Elgin Paul Hill, 52, a member of the Triumph Motorcycle Club, said “he saw red” when another man turned up to a club meet.

He told police the man had given him the finger.

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A police summary of facts said the pair had been in a dispute for about six months and had resulted in the man having his membership with the club cancelled.

Elgin Paul Hill, 52, pleaded guilty to one charge of injuring with intent to injure in the Blenheim District Court on Monday

The victim was standing in the forecourt of Caltex Blenheim with club members before heading off on a ride, about 11am on September 21, the summary said.

Hill arrived, jumped off his bike in an “angry state” and began running towards the man.

He threw his helmet on the ground and “launched” himself at the man who did not see him coming and had his hands in his pockets.

Hill punched the victim on the side of his head with so much force he was knocked unconscious and fell to the ground, the summary said

Other members of the club intervened and pulled Hill away. He then picked up his helmet and rode away.

The victim was unconscious for three to four minutes, the summary said.

In explanation the Hill said the man “pulled the finger at him” when he arrived. He said the man never attended the club meets and was not welcome, so he “saw red”.

Hill pleaded guilty to one charge of injuring with intent to injure in the Blenheim District Court on Monday.

Judge Jo Rielly intended to sentence Hill on Monday, but his lawyer Laurie Murdoch said he would have difficulties completing a community work sentence as he worked in the vineyards seven days a week.

“He’s heard that this is a serious offence. He feels he may lose his job if he takes more time off work,” Murdoch said.

Judge Rielly said she could not just impose a supervision sentence on a charge of injuring with intent as “it would not send the right message”.

“The only other thing is whether it was intensive supervision.

“I accept that this is something out of character. He has a history of low level violence but it’s very aged. I’m concerned he can’t complete supervision if he’s working such long hours.”

Judge Rielly adjourned sentencing until after the Marlborough grape harvest, with a final date to be confirmed at the conclusion of harvest.

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